Space Nation Spaceport is your Gateway to Space Missions & Challenges

Imagine being part of a worldwide community that connects you with astronauts, scientists, artists, tech geeks, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, students, and human progress guides, isn't that awesome?

It is much more than a group of like-minded people, it is a place where diversity and inclusion are at their best. Earthlings from different geographies, ethnicities, academic and professional backgrounds, are brought together by their undying love for Space Exploration.









Join our group of fellow members, dreamers, and adventurers around the world.

Your guides and mentors will be astronauts and other pioneers of human progress.

Who is this Spaceport for?


Whether you're looking to improve your leadership skills, expand your knowledge of space science, or simply meet new people, our community has something to offer you. 


You can advance your space career, build a space venture, or use your new space skills to challenge and train your mind.

Here, people from different parts of the world are seeking to better themselves and help others do the same, expanding their minds with new global perspectives.


This unique cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary ecosystem enables insightful conversations to take place within the community, allowing powerful networking and exchange of ideas and experiences.


Imagine how you could become a better team member at work and a better communicator at home while feeling empowered to follow your dreams, whatever they might be.


Think about what you could achieve in a year, let alone in three or five.

Space trends are constantly changing, and being part of an online Space community can help you stay up to date with the latest happenings in the industry. This can be useful if you are a space enthusiast or a professional in the field.

Explore New Frontiers through first-hand experiences with peers and guides...


The Space Nation Spaceport offers small global guided group events, group chats, and curated online sessions, all geared to share global experiences, insights, and new perspectives with members around the world.


We emphasize ways to do space together and not just be dazzled about it.

Space Nation Spaceport is a launchpad for Virtual Missions & Challenges that take you to space through video mission briefs from your guides, scenario-based mission simulations, and group mission experiences.

As part of a crew, you’ll develop your personal and space skills, and grow your explorer mindset.


You will learn from your guides and peers how trusting teams are built, how to communicate better, and how to grow your motivation daily. You will learn from astronauts how to deal with pressure, uncertainty, and crisis.

Expand Your Mind with new insights, possibilities, and perspectives

Space Nation is not just an on-site Simulated Space Missions organization

With Space Nation, you might find yourself in a stunning otherworldly location on Earth, on a weightless flight, or even in space.


Virtual Challenges and quests can be a great way to stay motivated and engaged in learning about space.


By participating in these activities, you can challenge yourself, learn new skills, and have fun while doing it. 

Our Spaceport has dedicated spaces for various topics like Space News, Events, Mission updates, Virtual Challenges, etc. By becoming a "Crew Member", you can have access to these spaces to learn, share, and grow.


You will expand your mind with new global and otherworldly perspectives in our multicultural environment. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and our surrounding universe.

From time to time, the Virtual Quests will go live, so keep a watch on the Spaceport. Through Virtual Mission, Challenges & Quests, you will be tested throughout narratives and crew assignments.


You and your team must decide what to do when things go wrong on a wilderness survival training mission, make quick decisions during a space launch, and solve a mystery on board the International Space Station.


Live video calls in small groups on the Spaceport and Virtual Missions are available ways for you to connect with guides and peers to learn, build and share.

Crew Member Benefits

Currently, the Spaceport membership is COMPLETELY FREE, no strings attached! We strongly encourage you to grab the opportunity and make the most out of it...


You can join the Spaceport as a free visitor member to explore the Virtual Mission Quizzes, Quests, Challenges, Space Opportunities, Space News, and Events.

With our FREE visitor plan you can enjoy the following benefits:

Lost in Space video calls with Space Nation crew, peers, and special guests with a monthly theme.

Access to challenges and Mining for Nuggets video updates serving the space news at the Spaceport.

Development polls and questions to help Space Nation design the best missions for your needs, along with special testing and ideation events

Special themed content, member forums, and discussions that help you grow

Digital Member Badge, (you can win Bronze, Silver, and Gold badges by onboarding your friends at the Spaceport!)


“We came all this way to explore the Moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the Earth.”


Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders took the first Earthrise photo from the Moon. It is viewed as the most influential environmental photograph all-time that catalyzed the birth of the modern environmental movement.

Space Nation helps you to design your own personal leap. As we evolve together into Universal Citizens, it is up to all of us to put in the necessary work to do better and go further.

Through our examples and actions, our mission is to eventually encourage all of humanity to evolve into thriving Universal Citizens on Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Beyond.

We are returning with the Moon Pioneers Mission in Midland, West Texas.


Through the challenge, you can learn about the Pilot Mission topics and why humanity’s return to the Moon is the key to settle the solar system through experts and other means.


During this launch, you can join our live sessions, workshops, polls, and quizzes, along with behind the scenes glimpses.


Our mission is a shared mission that we all need for ourselves, for humanity, and the planet.

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