Space Projects

Space Nation is all about democratizing space travel, and bringing the stars closer to everyone’s daily life. This is the core mission of Space Projects.

Space Labs

We have our own ‘office’ space on the International Space Station (ISS). Our interstellar ‘office’ will advance space research. We’re going to be carrying out all sorts of cool projects in our space lab, and we’re going to be sending payloads to the ISS. We can’t wait to tell you what we discover.

Space Seeds

Space Nation’s Space Seeds offered thousands of Finnish school kids the chance to take part in a fun experiment that really brought space into the classroom. The Space Seeds were flown to space in 2016, where they orbited the Earth and were exposed to space conditions such as microgravity. The Seeds (they were radish seeds!) returned to Earth in 2017. School children then germinated and grew regular seeds alongside the Space Seeds. During this cosmic educational experience hundreds of space plants were grown, and children were brought one step closer to space.