Who are we?

We are a space experiences company at the forefront of the new space era. Our free Space Nation Astronaut Program is democratizing space by liberating astronaut skills for all of humanity. Our team spans from Helsinki to Madrid, Washington, D.C., New York, Florida, Houston, Denver and San Francisco.

We’ve built a strong network of leading space industry players. Our advisory board includes experts and influencers like Michael Suffredini (President of Axiom Space, former Program Manager of the International Space Station), John Barbera (formerly Turner Broadcasting), Michael D.Johnsson (Nanoracks, LLC.) and Peter Vesterbacka (entrepreneur, former Mighty Eagle of Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds).

For brands

Our objectives for our partners are simple: we will help you to achieve your goals by providing exciting marketing opportunities, tailored to your needs. We offer native advertising, as well as a host of innovative paths to enable your brand to be part of our global phenomenon.

Three reasons why your company should join Space Nation:

- Reinforce your brand image as a cutting-edge innovator and trendsetter

- Reach a cosmic number of various target groups on a global level

- Ensure your visibility in this century’s space travel phenomenon

For more information contact ads@spacenation.org


Axiom Space LLC

Axiom Space is a US based company commercializing space. Axiom is building the world's first private commercial space station. The company will begin providing flight opportunities to space in late 2019 for both tourists and longer duration astronauts.

Axiom Space trains and launches the Space Nation astronauts for their experience on board the ISS and the Axiom Module.

Edge of Space

Edge of Space, Inc. is a "New Space" company committed to making the adventure and excitement of space flight and space science available and affordable to all – from teachers and students, to space enthusiasts, to nonprofit organizations and museums, to entrepreneurs and innovative startups.

Edge of Space has helped Space Nation create new ways to connect audiences with space science and experiences, including sending payloads to space.

Fun Academy

Fun Academy brings a unique global Fun Learning educational solution to children, combining the best of the Finnish approach to education with best practices from around the world.

Fun Academy Kindergartens train teachers to give every child an educational foundation and life skills to reach for the stars and become anything they want to be.

Even an astronaut.