Space Nation Astronaut Program

All you need to take your first step is to download our free app, Space Nation Navigator. Here you’ll learn some core astronaut skills, discover the excitement of space travel and the science behind it, and take part in exciting minigames and weekly missions.

To move to the next phase of training - Advanced - compete for a place on the app's leaderboard. The most promising trainees will be selected to take part in a real-life bootcamp overseen by the people who train NASA astronauts.

The best of the best are then selected to participate in a filmed competition. Our plan is to send the winner on a mission to space.

Your journey starts here

There are three phases to the Space Nation Astronaut Program.

Basic Training

Your phone becomes a virtual astronaut training camp.
Phase 1

Advanced Training

The most promising app players take place in a real-life bootcamp with astronaut trainers.
Phase 2

Astronaut Bootcamp

The best of the best compete for a trip to space.
Phase 3

Develop these core astronaut skills


Get space-ready. Set your own goals. Push yourself.


Astronauts have to be prepared for anything. Sharpen your space skills with puzzles and problems.


No one goes to space alone. Form teams. Uncover your inner strength.