Space Nation Astronaut Program

Welcome to the first free global astronaut training program. All you need to take part is a smartphone. Each year we aim to send one trainee to space.

The three training disciplines - Mind, Body, Social - transform your phone into a pocket-sized virtual astronaut training camp.

The most successful trainees go to on-site training in our Astronaut Bootcamp. From the Bootcamp, a select few are invited to a filmed reality competition. Our plan is to send the winner on a mission to space.

But you don’t have to travel to space for the Space Nation Astronaut Program to help you become the best version of yourself. It’s for anyone with the heart and mind of an adventurer. Now everybody can have new and previously unattainable space experiences.

Achieve your dreams. Reach for the stars. Unearth your full potential.

Your journey starts here

Let the Space Nation Astronaut Program equip you with the skills, motivation and knowledge to train like an astronaut. For free. Every year we plan to send one trainee to space.

Basic Training

Your phone becomes a virtual astronaut training camp.
Early 2018

Advanced Training

Put the skills you've been given to the test.
Mid 2018

Filmed Astronaut Bootcamp

Participants are selected for a filmed bootcamp. We plan to send the winner to space.
Late 2018

Take your own giant leap


Get space-ready. Set your own goals. Push yourself.


Astronauts have to be prepared for anything. Sharpen your space skills with puzzles and problems.


No one goes to space alone. Form teams. Uncover your inner strength.