Space Nation Astronaut Program redefines astronaut skills for the new space era.

The Space Nation Astronaut Program means that for the first time ever the universal dream of space travel is within the reach of anyone with a smartphone. We aim to send one participant space each year.

Your journey to space begins here?

Everyone has the chance to unearth their inner astronaut by learning essential astronaut skills through our app – while others will be eligible to travel to on-location bootcamps, and participation in a long-format show that will document the candidates’ journey to space.

Designed in partnership with Axiom Space (the people that train NASA astronauts) and NASA, the Space Nation Astronaut Program is an ongoing training program that will offer a range of astronaut training experiences, starting with an app – Space Nation Navigator – and progressing to bootcamps, parabolic flights, right through to – eventually – multiple trips to space.

Take your own giant leap

Download our free app, Space Nation Navigator, to learn core astronaut skills, discover the excitement of space travel and the science behind it, and take part in exciting minigames and weekly missions.

High performing candidates are selected to participate in virtual, real-world and out of this world space experiences – including a long-format series and an on-site bootcamp.

Candidates who unlock all the badges and achievements become eligible to take part in an exciting series of astronaut experiences – and the opportunity to travel to space.

The best of the best are then selected to participate in a filmed competition. Our plan is to send the winner on a mission to space.

All you need to do is take your first step. Download Space Nation Navigator here and begin your journey to the stars.

The world's first astronaut training app. Your first step on a journey to space.

Space Nation Navigator is the world’s first astronaut training app – designed in partnership with NASA.

Anyone has the chance to unearth their inner astronaut by learning astronaut skills through games, social missions and fitness challenges.

Players can continue their journey by completing in-app achievements that may make them eligible for more advanced experiences including bootcamps at locations around the world, and ultimately the chance to travel to space.

Space Nation Navigator redefines astronaut skills for the new space era.

Whether you want to gain basic astronaut skills, train in a real astronaut bootcamp, learn about the cosmos, or eventually even get the chance to visit space it all starts with the Space Nation Navigator app.

The world's first online space lifestyle magazine.

Space Nation Orbit leaves the rocket science to others, and focuses on showing how space is already an essential part of your life.

Discover what sustainability, wellness, art and a million other subjects have to do with space. Find out that you?re probably already living a space lifestyle. We show how you can win at life with astronaut skills.

Space Nation Orbit makes you the center of the universe.

An office in space.

We’re pretty certain that we?re the only company in the world with our own ?office space? onboard the International Space Station (ISS). The benefit Well, we can implement all kinds of unique experiments that just wouldn’t be possible on Earth.

Space Nation exists to enable broader access to space. We?re so keen to put this into action that we will subsidize 50 percent of the payload cost to the ISS for small organizations. This is something of real scientific value to companies looking to expand their product horizons, and a truly out of this world marketing opportunity.

Fun Academy have developed the Space Nation Kids Future Astronaut Program in partnership with us.

Just like the Space Nation Navigator app, the 12-module syllabus adapts NASA’s astronaut training curriculum, but this time for preschool and primary school students.

Utilizing the latest innovations in Finnish educational expertise, it offers teachers a complementary PBL program to include into the school day.

In alignment with Space Nation’s goal of adding value through fun experiences, the program promotes and supports mindfulness, scientific thinking, physical activity, healthy nutrition and meaningful use of technology.