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Space Nation Prepares to Reach Maximum Velocity in 2018

After a record-breaking 2017 full of achievements, Space Nation is set to carry the momentum into 2018

In 2017 Space Nation made several giant leaps forward in establishing itself as the world?s leading space media company. A historic agreement with NASA was signed, and Space Nation became the first space company to join the United Nation?s World Tourism Organization.

Space Nation also launched its first product, Space Nation Orbit, an online space lifestyle magazine that makes space relevant and relatable to daily life. Space Nation Orbit was launched in early November 2017 at an event in the heart of New York?s art district that gathered together some of the city?s finest content creators. During the launch week Space Nation Orbit gained over 25 million social media impressions.

Candice Kilpatrick, Head Editor of Space Nation Orbit and former Front Page Editor, Yahoo News: ?I like that to read and enjoy Space Nation Orbit you don?t have to have a high baseline of space or science knowledge. You can learn new things even if you don’t consider yourself a “science person”. Space Nation Orbit is a genuine first in that it focuses on how the new space era can benefit people?s lives right now in all sorts of unexpected ways.?

Navigator app testing results exceed all expectations

One of the core components of the Space Nation Astronaut Program, the Space Nation Navigator app, underwent the first phase of user testing. Approximately 1,000 testers from around the world took part, among whom was one actual astronaut. The user retention rate was 31%, more than double the industry average. Based on the testing feedback, several updates and improvements to the Navigator app were implemented.

Testers were asked to play for one week, but many chose to continue playing for longer. Giulia Bassani, an astrophysics student from Turin, Italy, was one of the testers. Her life goal is to become an astronaut. When asked for her opinion of the Space Nation Navigator app she was emphatic in her response: “I honestly loved it. Space Nation Navigator gave me motivation and a better understanding of what aspiring astronauts need. I just can’t wait for the final release.”

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