Press Release

Space Nation gets an ?office space? on the International Space Station

The Finnish space media start-up Space Nation has bought its own space on the International Space Station. The investment will advance Space Nation?s vision of pioneering humanity?s transition to space.

Kalle V?h?-Jaakkola, the CEO of Space Nation, says: ?It is very exciting to have our own ?office? space on the ISS. We are looking forward to working with other companies who would like to use this opportunity to use this space for research and commercial purposes.?

Space Nation is co-operating with companies such as the Edge of Space, Inc., which is leading the way in providing affordable, innovative access to space projects and programs for schools, nonprofits, and companies, and Axiom Space LLC to advance the humanity?s transfer to space by preparing individuals for the upcoming space era.

Space Nation?s mission is to democratize space. The first step towards liberating astronaut skills for everyone is the Space Nation Astronaut Program. The program is free of charge and accessible to all. With the program you can challenge yourself in three categories: Body, Mind and Social.

The Space Nation Astronaut Program starts with a freemium smart phone application to be launched in 2017. In the first stage, participants develop astronaut skills using the app, and compete for access to a physical training camp where the top performers will train under the supervision of real life astronaut trainers. The best performing participants will be selected for the final contest and the winner gets to travel to space? for real.

Salla H?nninen
PR & Communications Manager
Space Nation