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Space Nation Signs Agreement for Astronaut Field Training in Iceland

HELSINKI, FINLAND, FEBRUARY 27TH, 2018 – Space Nation, the creator of the first astronaut training app for public, has signed a cooperation agreement with Icelandic space company ICExTech for developing astronaut field training in North East Iceland for Space Nation trainees. ICExTech has documented the field training of the NASA Apollo astronauts, which took place in the region. The same region in Iceland will be the base of the first Space Nation astronaut training experience.

North East Iceland has been the place of choice for field training for astronauts due to the unique geological environment that best resembles landscapes on the Moon and Mars. Several of the astronauts sent to the Moon trained in the region in the 1960s, including Neil Armstrong. More recently equipment for the Mars Rover mission to Mars was tested in the red volcanic clay that can be found in the region.

The Space Nation Astronaut Program, designed in partnership with the people that train NASA astronauts and NASA, is an ongoing training program that will offer a range of astronaut training experiences, and eventually sending one person to space each year.

The Space Nation Navigator app, launching spring 2018, will be the first step in the Space Nation Astronaut Program, followed by the astronaut field training experience in Iceland. The Space Nation Navigator app will be available for free to anyone who wants to discover what it takes to be an astronaut through constantly updated missions, minigames and fitness challenges. The purpose of Space Nation is both to prepare people for the new age of space travel, as well as to make astronaut skills available for people to improve their everyday lives.


“The agreement with ICExTech is an exciting next step for Space Nation as it enables us to offer training experiences for Space Nation trainees in the same fields and inspired by the same programs as the Apollo astronauts used to prepare for their missions to the Moon. The landscape in North East Iceland is perfect for this kind of training and we really look forward to send our first team to the field.” – Mazdak Nassir, co-founder of Space Nation.

“ICExTech is preparing for the new space era and the increased interest in space and space exploration. The company is building on 50 years heritage of astronaut field training, testing and research in the region and is aiming at building a space industry cluster in the North East corner of Iceland. The agreement with Space Nation is an important milestone for us.” – ?rlygur Hnefill ?rlygson, CEO of ICExTech.


About Space Nation:

Space Nation is a Finnish space media and experiences company focused on making astronaut skills and space travel relevant and available to the general public. The company is the first space travel company to join UNWTO, and is an official partner of both NASA and ISS. The company is founded by physicist Kalle V?h?-Jaakkola and film director Mazdak Nassir. Space Nation?s partners and advisors include Michael Suffredini, President and CEO of Axiom Space, and Peter Vesterbacka, former Mighty Eagle at Rovio Entertainment, the creator of Angry Birds and founder of the Slush startup conference in Helsinki.

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the signing of the agreement
From the signing of the agreement at Godafoss waterfall in Iceland. From left: ?rlygur Hnefill J?nsson of ICExTech, Mazdak Nassir of Space Nation, ?rlygur Hnefill ?rlygsson of ICExTech, and Alex Alex and Hj?rtur Sm?rason from Space Nation.


The president of Iceland Gu?ni J?hannesson
The president of Iceland Gu?ni J?hannesson with a Space Nation brand ambassador Alex Alex on location where Apollo astronauts did field training and equipment for the Mars Rover went through field testing.