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Space Nation collaborates with NASA on free global astronaut experience program

Space Nation, a space experiences company, signs collaboration agreement – a Space Act Agreement – with NASA.

Space Nation is utilizing NASA?s expertise to develop a global astronaut experience training program and app. The Space Nation Astronaut Experience Program is a virtual giant leap in making the universal dream of space travel accessible and relevant to everybody on Earth.

?Space Nation?s collaboration with NASA means that space is no longer a distant dream. We?re enabling millions of people, anyone with a smartphone in fact, to enhance their daily lives through experiencing what it means to prepare for space travel,? explains Space Nation?s CEO Kalle V?h?-Jaakkola.

?You don?t have to want to visit space or become an astronaut to get the maximum benefit from the Space Nation Astronaut Experience Program. It?s for everybody that wants new space experiences, like AR/VR, and to learn the skills essential to life in the 21st century – teamwork, problem-solving, physical and mental excellence,? continues V?h?-Jaakkola.

Anyone can have an astronaut training experience

Taking place across several media platforms, the Space Nation Astronaut Experience Program allows people to choose their level of interaction: from active astronaut experience training, taking part in the app?s games and challenges, competing for the chance to get real life astronaut experiences with Space Nation or simply watching the documentary series.

The Space Nation Astronaut Experience Program culminates each year with a global transmedia experience in which people can follow the journey of the dedicated trainees, one of whom is selected to travel to space with Space Nation. A filmed documentary series follows the progress of Space Nation Astronaut Experience trainees as they go through real life astronaut challenges.

Through the Space Agreement Act, Space Nation, via the free app, is able to give people additional access to information about NASA missions as well as the space agency?s photos and videos.

The Space Nation Astronaut Experience Program and app launches in February 2018.

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Space Nation in brief

Founded in 2013, Space Nation is pioneering humanity’s transition to the new space era by providing space experiences for global audiences. Space Nation is the first space travel company to become an affiliate member of the United Nation?s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Space Nation?s partners and advisors include Michael Suffredini, President and CEO of Axiom Space; John Barbera, former president of Turner Broadcasting Sales & 24/7 Realmedia; and Peter Vesterbacka, former Mighty Eagle at Rovio Entertainment, the creator of Angry Birds.

Space Nation has received numerous media accolades. The company was ranked first in Forbes? 10 European Growth Businesses to Watch in 2017.

Space Nation currently has an investment round open for those interested in becoming astropreneurs.