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Pioneer of Space Travel joins the United Nation?s World Tourism Organization

Pioneer of Space Travel joins the United Nation?s World Tourism organisation

The space travel company Space Nation becomes the first space tourism company to become an affiliate member of the United Nation?s World Tourism Organization UNWTO.

The Finnish start-up Space Nation and the UNWTO will be working together to advance science-related tourism. The UNWTO, which is a specialized United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of tourism, works closely with organizations that share their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Space Nation?s vision is to pioneer humanity?s transition to space. While most companies in the space industry are focusing on creating technology for reusable rockets and space habitats, Space Nation?s goal is to educate and to equip current and future generations with the skills and knowledge they will need in the upcoming space era ? as well as to create possibilities for space travel for everyone.

The CEO of Space Nation Kalle V?h?-Jaakkola is excited to start the collaboration: ?We are thrilled to be working with the UNWTO to find out what it means for the humankind that space travel will very soon be accessible to all.?

Space Nation is making the dream of travelling to space possible for everyone and aims to advance the humankind?s next step in exploring the universe. The first step of the space era involves the Space Nation Astronaut Program launched later this year, through which anyone can train like an astronaut and, at the end, in 2018, someone will get to travel to space? for real.

Salla H?nninen
PR & Communications Manager
Space Nation