NBE Finland

Welcome to Helsinki, Finland, the new capital of space!

Space Nation would like to welcome all Nordic Travel Blogger Experience bloggers to Helsinki, one of the coolest cities in the world! (That’s why we chose it as the home for our Mission Control.)

While you’re visiting Helsinki, we hope to connect with you.

You might have more in common with the space industry than you think!

The travel industry has changed radically in recent years. You’ve been one of the key players in inspiring this transformation by sharing your insights in ways not possible before.

Space travel has so far been only for the select few. That’s about to see a massive shift in the coming years. The new space era – Space 2.0 – has arrived. We invite you to take part in the dawn of this era together with Space Nation.

How do we work together with influencers?

Thanks for asking.

Space Nation Orbit is the first space lifestyle publication in the universe (that we know of). We leave the rocket science to others, and focus on showing how you can find space on Earth.

→ Orbit.spacenation.org

Meet our Head Editor Candice, she is looking for new content creators for Space Nation Orbit. If you are visiting our “Space on Earth” experience, and want to pitch a story, message us at candice@spacenation.org

Let’s continue discussion about how we can discover space together, even after you continue your travels around the Earth. Actually, let’s get started right now.

Space Nation Instagram challenge

We are giving you a unique souvenir: a Space Nation flag!

This flag has many uses. With it, you could:

  • Decorate your snow fort
  • Have a cool prop in a fancy dance routine
  • Win a free stay in a Four Seasons hotel

We can’t help you with the snow fort or choreography, but if you want to win a free stay in a Four Seasons hotel, here is what you must do:

Space Nation Navigator is the first ever app of its kind, and Space Nation Orbit is the first ever Space Lifestyle Magazine. This is Space Nation’s first instagram challenge!

Photograph your flag to illustrate a personal “first” in your life. Maybe it’s something simple like trying a new food, or maybe it is a small first step toward a larger life goal. Whatever you choose, share it with us, and begin to “un-Earth” your potential.