Moon Pioneers Mission

Embark on a Space Mission with an Astronaut! 

Join a 3-day on-site simulated space mission with former NASA astronaut Michael "Bueno" Good, a veteran of two Space Shuttle Mission and four spacewalks, in Midland, Texas.


The first space travel company to become a member of the UNWTO and an official partner of NASA, will lead you on this otherworldly adventure testing your leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.


You'll be heading back to the Moon for the first time since the Apollo 17 mission in over 50 years ago. As you complete your mission-specific training as part of the Artemis crew, a robotic supply mission lands on the Moon. But just before your launch, the connection to the robots is lost.


What will you find when you land on the Moon?
Will you be able to overcome the challenges and set up the first Moon base?


This is your chance to make history, to pave the way for the future of humanity, and to answer the call of adventure. Are you ready to take the leap and make your mark on the Moon?

All this in the greater context of West Texas history, culture, the story of energy, petroleum, and the future of humanity in space!


Day 0 – Midland Spaceport

The New Space Era
Mission-Specific Training
Campfire Tales of Space

Day 1 – Moon Base

Simulated Field Mission
Moon Base & Mission Control
Celebratory Dinner

Day 2 – Exploration & Graduation at the Petroleum Museum

The Story of Energy & Space
Becoming an Ambassador of Space
Graduation BBQ Texas Style


Day 0 – Arrival at Midland Air & Space Port

Enjoy your first night at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Midland Plaza in the center of Midland, TX which will serve as our accommodations throughout the Mission.

Mission-Specific Training

9:00 AM Onboarding, touring, and mission briefing at Kepler Aerospace and Midland Altitude Chamber Complex (MACC).

The intense mission specific-training program includes learning about:

The hostile nature of space and the need for special equipment and training to live and work in space
The main phases of lunar space missions and how spacecraft and their key systems work
How to live off the land in space – In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)
The different roles & responsibilities of Mission Control and astronaut crew
proper communication protocols
The basics of EVAs, spacesuits, and how to wear the Space Nation spacesuit
Immerse in a personal Moon Pioneers Mission Scenario followed by a group debrief.
The day ends at the campfire with Moon gazing and tales of space.

Day 1 - Moon Pioneers Mission

Space Shuttle transit in darkness and landing to the Moon Base location. Mission simulation runs with crews divided into Mission Control and the Moon Base. This is the time to test your training!


Friendly competition as to which crew will perform best followed by an onsite debrief.
Transit back to Midland for a celebratory dinner.

Day 2 – Return to Earth Day

Enjoy a Space Cowboy breakfast at the Petroleum Museum. Learn about how the story of space is part of the story of energy and petroleum.


Guided Museum tour and a final space exploration mission to connect the dots.


Reflecting on your journey, understanding how astronauts decompress after returning from a Mission, and becoming Ambassadors of Space.


Texas BBQ Style Graduation Ceremony with the Midland Public.


3:00 PM Departures from Midland Air & Space Port

Tailored space missions to meet your goals...

 Maximum of 16 Crewmember seats.

Accommodations, food, mission-specific gear, and transportation included

No extra fees
Airfare excluded


Schedule your call with the advisor now!


Mission Crew

Former NASA astronaut Michael "Bueno" Good of space flights STS-125 and STS-132, on the last service mission of the Hubble Space Telescope and a mission to the ISS. He has done four EVAs (spacewalks) of total 30 hours. Good served as Assistant Program Manager in the Commercial Crew Program until he retired from NASA in May 2019. Good transitioned to commercial space at Blue Origin in Kent, Washington. He is currently serving as Director, Crew Integration supporting various human spaceflight programs. Mike is your Astronaut Advisor during the Mission.

Kalle Vaha-Jaakkola

Captain of Space Nation, a former Finnish special forces military instructor, and private sector educator. Kalle is your Mission Commander.

Stephan Reckie

Universal Sales Director, Executive Director of GEN Space - universal network of Space entrepreneurial ecosystem. Stephan is your Space Instructor.

Mazdak Nassir

Chief Creative Officer, an award-winning filmmaker. Mazdak is your Space Simulation Operator.

Matt Wise

Communications Specialist, former US Special Forces in establishing comms and operation centers. He is your Comms & Mission Control Operator.

Morgan Kainu

Mission Designer, anthropologist, and veteran analog mission astronaut. Morgan is your Mission Quartermaster.


Physically - LIGHT
If you can walk a mile at a normal pace and lift a maximum of 30 lbs, you are physically fit to take the mission.


Skills - LIGHT
The Mission is designed to accommodate participants with no prior experience in space exploration but also seasoned space professionals. You will go through a team experience that takes you into a simulated space mission testing your Leadership, Space, and Mindset skills regardless of your knowledge and skill background.


Mentally - MODERATE

You will experience extended periods of mental pressure and fatigue. Not recommended for people with PTSD, claustrophobia, or similar conditions.


Clothing & Gear – HIKING BOOTS
Bring hiking boots or similar for rocky, sandy, and possibly muddy terrain. Outside daytime temperatures can get close to 100° F with an average high of 87° F with possible extended exposure to sunlight, so bring appropriate clothing and sunscreen.


Additional details and briefs will follow prior to the Mission and will include:
A personal call with organizers to discuss expectations, preparations, and Q&As
Detailed Mission Brief and a packing travel list


Midland Air & Space Port (MAF)
We offer assistance to you in booking your flights to Midland, TX, as there is regular daily service from Houston, Dallas, Denver, Austin, Phoenix, and Las Vegas with hub connections within the US and from abroad.

We will provide transportation from the Midland airport to the Hotel when you arrive and organize all transportation during the Mission and back to the airport when you leave. If you are local to Midland, we will organize your transportation accordingly. 

Expected Weather Conditions
Avg. low 64° F, high 87° F
76% chance of a clear or partly cloudy sky
23% probability of any rain
Dry or otherwise comfortable humidity

We plan to be equipped to provide immediate first aid onsite in case of emergencies. As required, we will assist in arranging evacuation to the nearest local hospitals in either Odessa or Midland.

Contact Us

+1 (432) 698-0075

Space Nation

2908 Enterprise Lane, Midland, TX 79706, United States