How We Started

“Let’s make a global astronaut training program where anyone in the world has a chance to fly to space”

That was the initial idea when friends Mazdak Nassir and Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola co-founded Space Nation. They shared a love for space and saw the need for something that could lift and unite us all on a grander scale.

Space Nation was founded in Finland in 2013 and moved to the United States in 2019, but it has always been global. Our 50,000 astronaut training app users in 2018 were worldwide as are our Lost in Space webinar followers and Space Nation Spaceport members today.


We have presented and collaborated with private and public entities on every continent on Earth. We became official partners with NASA and the first spaceflight company as a United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) member in 2017.

After a decade of adventures worthy of a book and working in the space community, Space Nation has found its home in Midland, Texas, USA - at the heart of the global human spaceflight ecosystem. Our international team and community are creating ways for anyone in the world to experience space first-hand in West Texas, around the world, and in space.

Space Nation’s greater mission has stayed the same since its inception:


1. To establish communities beyond Earth and human-lead industrial operations across the solar system
2. To connect people on Earth to that future by sharing the life-changing benefits of space with everyone

Contact Us

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Space Nation

2908 Enterprise Lane, Midland, TX 79706, United States