When will the Space Nation Astronaut Program and app launch?

We are currently working with our partners to finalize the training curriculum and other logistical aspects of the Space Nation Astronaut Program. We anticipate that the app and program will launch in February 2018.

What are the roles of the partner companies in Space Nation?

We are working with NASA, Fun Academy, Axiom Space LLC, and Edge of Space. Each of our partners contributes an essential aspect of the whole training experience. NASA provides training and educational material. Axiom Space provides astronaut training and flight opportunities to space. Fun Academy helps in creating the kids’ astronaut training experience.
Edge of Space has helped Space Nation to create new ways to connect audiences with space science and experiences, including launching payloads to space.

What is your position in the space industry and astronaut training field?

Space Nation aims to become the missing link between global consumers and the exciting new space era. We are a gateway to space for everyone. This means we provide concrete tools, expertise, know-how, products, and services for space tourism and commerce. Space Nation offers astronaut training experiences at every level: from people who want to have a taste of it in their daily lives, to individuals who want to become real crew members on orbital space missions and beyond. We are creating an adaptive astronaut training and selection program that can be used in the future for space tourism or other commercial spaceflights.

What is the Space Nation community and what does it do in practice? How can I be part of this community?

We feel that the Space Nation Astronaut Program is a concrete way to participate and build a community. We invite everyone to join Space Nation and help build new communities and educational possibilities for the future. There are many ways to do this; for example, we are currently offering Space Seed science kits for 100,000 Finnish school children, for free. We want to create a nation where everyone feels at home. A nation that inspires and rewards curiosity. We invite everyone to create the values, ideals and ultimately the constitution of Space Nation.

What kind of space trip will the winner receive? When will it take place, and with whom?

The winner of the first season of Space Nation will go on a sub-orbital flight, and then continue in the second season to compete for a longer visit to the ISS. We aim to offer a variety of spaceflight opportunities, and more than one each year in the future.

What role will the winner have in the mission? Astronaut, tourist, scientist, pilot?

The first season winners will be more like “tourists”; in later seasons they are likely to be more like real astronauts, and first season winners will get the chance to take their training to the next level.

Is it free to participate in the astronaut program?

Participation is totally free – all you need is your smartphone, and the determination to succeed.

How long is the training?

Each “season” is split into different phases - three months of Basic Training, two weeks of Advanced Training , and three months of filmed contest. The winners and backup crews will go through additional astronaut and mission training. This additional training will last from weeks to years depending on the destination and spaceflight mission that they are assigned.

What types of challenges will the app include?

The challenges are based on people developing their physical, intellectual, and social skills, and are designed in collaboration with the professionals that train NASA astronauts. Through the gamified challenges, astronaut training is designed to be adventurous, fun, and accessible for all.

Are you working with Asgardia Space Nation? If not, how do you differ from them?

We haven’t created diplomatic relations with Asgardia yet, but we will in the future. We welcome all new projects that inspire people through space. We differ from Asgardia, for example, by aiming to improve people’s lives through an aspirational training program that gives people the knowledge and skills to become potential astronauts, and create a community around this. We actually offer Space Nation residents a chance to travel to space, and have also sent science experiments to space already.

What does astronaut training include?

Astronaut training covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from science and technology to physical fitness, team psychology, and the day-to-day operations of space vehicles. There are different roles within each crew, and these will be explored as you progress through our mobile curriculum. Your abilities and achievements are tracked by assessing the progress you make in these different roles over time.

Can I really become an astronaut by taking part in the Space Nation Astronaut Program?

Yes. We are working together with real astronaut training specialists and your performance profile will be evaluated by them. The most promising candidates will be contacted with serious intent. Yes, the odds are long and you might never get that call, but with determination, dedication, and perseverance, some players will. One of those players could be you. The definition of what it means to be an astronaut is also changing, and we want to be at the forefront in defining it.

Not everyone wants to be a real astronaut. What do you offer other people?

An entertaining and inspiring experience loaded with space-related games, fun puzzles, and physical challenges. Space Nation gives you the chance to prove your mettle in a global competition, and the opportunity to peek inside the world of astronaut training at the dawn of a new space era. Players will make new friends and improve themselves in many ways. Those who excel can win fame and glory in our filmed contest, with the ultimate prize being a space flight.

How does space tourist training differ from your training?

Tourist training focuses on safety issues, rather than, for example, carrying out maintenance or science experiments on the ISS. However, tourists still need to learn about living in space, the ISS protocols, microgravity, safe launching and landing, and survival skills.

Has NASA certified your training? How credible is your training?

NASA doesn’t certify external astronaut training programs; it’s the role of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and we plan to apply for that certificate in 2017. We have designed our astronaut training program so that it fulfills the necessary requirements to enter into NASA’s long duration crew member training. We are designing the program with our partner Axiom Space, and with the same professionals that train the current NASA astronauts.