What is Adaptation Quotient (AQ)?

Like IQ has been used for a long time and EQ (Emotional Quotient) has been very popular in the last couple of decades, Adaptation Quotient is a way to measure our ability to adapt. With the rise of AI and the fourth industrial revolution we are likely to see the job market take dramatic changes. At the same time we are already fighting the impact of climate change with increased flooding, changes in crops, droughts and even sinking of cities. All of this means that the most important skill for the near future is our ability to adapt.

What do I need to start my astronaut training?

Loads of money. No, just kidding. Our first programs are expensive and deeply impactful in unique locations. We will be offering more affordable products as we grow. Our aim is to make astronaut training available to all, regardless of economic background or passport, through different means through physical and online experiences.

What happened to the app?

The app has been temporarily cancelled as it needed some improvements and a stronger business model. We will launch a new app though in the future. Follow our updates to be notified when we do.

Is this just for people that are going to space?

No, our astronaut training programs are open to anyone. The skills we train are skills that are useful for your success in both your corporate and private life.

Why don’t you just plant trees instead?

We do plant trees too. The reality is though that if it wasn’t for space technology we would neither have the same understanding of climate change as we do now nor would we have as advanced technology to deal with the consequences. Space travel is probably the best thing to happen to our climate so far and, without the space program, we would never have discovered and repaired the hole in the ozone layer. We want to bring the astronaut perspective to all people so they understand the consequences of climate change and the importance of international cooperation to deal with it.

What is the astronaut perspective?

Yuri Gagarin, the first man to go to space said once he got back that “Circling the Earth in my orbital spaceship, I marveled at the beauty of our planet. People of the World, let us safeguard and enhance this beauty, and not destroy it.” Pretty much all astronauts ever since have had this experience once in space, and it was strongest for the Apollo astronauts who went to the Moon and saw Earth from a distance. This has been called the overview effect and it gives you a new understanding of the World and a new context to understand things on Earth. In particular regarding who “We” are because from space we see no borders. “We” becomes all of humankind. Secondly, it gives us another perspective on our ecosystem. How fragile and unique our planet is and how important it is to preserve and protect its ecosystem. And at the same time the realisation that global challenges will only be solved through international cooperation. So the astronaut perspective is the ability to understand current events in a more global context and to view any conflict or challenge from a different, broader angle. It is actually quite amazing how many things become clear and easier to understand once you managed to get that broader perspective.

What skills do astronauts need to have?

We sometimes look at astronauts as somekind of super heroes. Super humans who fly from Earth and into space. While there are only about 500 people who have actually left the planet, making this a very exclusive group of people, they are still just ordinary people like you and me. Which means that we can acquire the same skills as them.

The most important skills for an astronaut are creative problem solving skills, communication skills, conflict resolution and team development skills, survival skills, crisis management, understanding of closed ecosystems, the will to learn and the ability to adapt to extreme conditions and thrive in challenging environments. These are the main skills we focus on in our training.

What is your Astronaut Leadership Training program?

Leadership training based on astronaut training. It is conducted through a series of remote expeditions, each in a different location focusing on different skillsets. The training is provided by some of the best people in their relative fields, including NASA astronauts. Many of the exercises are the same or very similar to the training that astronauts have to go through with more emphasis on how it relates to corporate skills and life skills in general. The program is designed in cooperation with NASA, Axiom Space and our own NASA astronaut Gregory “Box” Johnson.

Is this part of Asgardia?

Nope. Totally unrelated.

Can I get a job as an astronaut if I take your training?

You might, but there is no guarantee. Having our training on your resume is definitely going to help and put you a step ahead of your competitors. Bear in mind that there are now thousands of space companies that are going to utilize the platforms and infrastructure being provided by companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and others. And they are all going to need good employees with interest and knowledge about space and the right skillset. And eventually the willingness to work in space.

Why should I care, if I’m not going to space?

You are already in space and your spaceship is planet Earth. The skills we teach are very useful for your success here on Earth as well, such as team development, leadership, problem solving, resilience, ability to adapt and being comfortable out of your comfort zone. If that makes sense.

Do you believe in Climate Change?

No. Because climate change is not a religion. It is not a political opinion either. Climate change is a scientific fact. Based on the same science as space travel, the flight of airplanes and your annual budget. Math. Input and output. The reality on the ground. It is one of our big missions to help people understand that climate change is real and prepare people to deal with that fact and the consequences thereof.

Where is Space Nation based?

Our headquarters are in Denver, Colorado, USA and our main operations take place in the highlands of Iceland with more locations around the world opening up soon.

Do you offer talks?

Yes. Our CEO is the only Fin in history who never stops talking. And our Chief Communication Officer loves nothing more than to tell a good story. So if you want an inspiring talk at your event we can definitely deliver it and have great speakers located both in Europe (our CCO) and the US (our CEO).