Mission Control Crew

We are people who dream of no borders, of empowered citizens of Earth who feel in control of their destinies and overcoming their challenges. We are creators and guides for you on this journey.


Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola

CEO & Co-Founder

A leading expert on the new space era, Kalle has extensive leadership experience and a strong background in physics. He is a regular speaker at space industry events.


Mazdak Nassir

CCO & Co-Founder

A heavyweight visionary and an award-winning filmmaker, Mazdak is the creative engine of the operation.

Chief Communication Officer
Hjörtur Smárason
Chief Communication Officer
Board Member
Inga Rós Antoníusdóttir
Board Member
Space Nation Ambassador
Peter Vesterbacka
Space Nation Ambassador

A builder of global phenomena such as Angry Birds and Slush, one of the world's leading startup events, Peter is a giant in the fields of branding and marketing.

Revenue Generator
Stephan Reckie
Revenue Generator

A proven global executive with decades of stellar sales and sales management experience.