Prepare yourself for a different world!

We are at the biggest milestone in human evolution since we left Africa for the first time: preparing to settle in different worlds.

At the same time we are standing at a cross-roads on Earth, where AI, biotechnology and automation are changing the way we live, and changes in climate are impacting the framework of our lives.

These changes demand new skills. Skills to deal with the unknown. Skills to maintain perspective. Skills to keep your head cool, learn and adapt. ASTRONAUT SKILLS!

Shine in space, thrive on Earth

We build your problem finding and solving skills as part of a diverse international crew. You will learn to communicate and lead in tough situations. You will challenge your worldviews and heroically overcome yourself in many ways. You will experience adventure and feel the sense of accomplishment. Afterwards your life will feel more purposeful, fulfilling and meaningful.

How much more?

That is up to you. You embark on a journey, where borders and limits exist only in your mind. We don’t promise you the Moon, but an adventure of a lifetime and an opportunity to grow, evolve and thrive.

Humanity is entering a New Space Age

With the launch of cost-cutting reusable space rockets, powerful 3D printers and developments in urban farming we have arrived in the new space age, with the flexibility, adaptability and financial viability needed for the settling of new worlds. Companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and Axiom Space are providing the infrastructure needed for thousands of companies to develop new applications and ventures for the commercial use of space.

The Oasis in space

We wish for everyone on Earth to get the astronaut perspective, a way to see Earth from above. It makes us realize how tiny and fragile we really are, and how unique and valuable our planet really is. To realize that seen from space there are no borders. And without borders, Mankind is one.

We are all in this together, astronauts on a spaceship called Earth. So, let’s make sure our life support system is working and fully sustainable.

Incentive Programs

We offer astronaut training experiences and team development exercises for corporations. These can be modules into existing incentive tours or a fully custom designed experience for your company. These can also be offered in coordination with events or conferences. For further information on these please contact our Incentive Tour specialist Stephan Reckie.

Future experiences

In 2020 we will open new adventures and new locations. These are 4-48hrs experiences where you get to solve astronaut training challenges in a lunar-like environment. More information coming soon.