Life-changing astronaut experiences

Space Nation believes that humanity’s migration to space will create a giant leap in human consciousness that steers us into global citizenship, to heal our planet and to take stewardship of the Earth while creating new worlds, and prosperity for all.

About Space Nation

We offer life-changing astronaut experiences for those who are up for the challenge to live a fulfilling life with purpose

We are currently developing our new experiences to roll-out later this year.
Stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy our Space Nation lifestyle magazine.


We see a change in global consciousness for unity through the new space era.

We see a giant leap in human understanding of our planet, its vulnerabilities and our endless potential.

We see a humanity of thriving citizens of Earth and off-world settlements.

European Rover Challenge
14 September
European Rover Challenge

Starachowice, Poland

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Crowdsourcing Week
24 October

Washington, D.C.

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DTTT Global 2018
29 November
Digital Tourism Think Tank Global 2018

Helsinki, Finland

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