Unearth your full potential

The Space Nation Astronaut Program app turns your smartphone into a ticket to the stars. It gives you all the skills and motivation you need to become a Space Nation Astronaut. It’s free. Anyone can join. All you need is a smartphone.

Take part in awesome weekly challenges and games. Train your mind and body. One participant will be selected to travel to space - for real.

It's time to become the very best version of you. The Space Nation Astronaut Program launches in February 2018.

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This is Space Nation

We’re democratizing space by making the universal dream of space travel a possibility for everyone. We’re building the world’s biggest space discovery, wellness and learning community. We’re all about giving you the tools to become the best version of you.

In space there are no prejudices, no limits to what the human imagination can achieve. Space Nation. No borders.

Work for Space Nation

Careers - it’s not rocket science…

We leave that to others.

What we do have are exciting jobs for top techies, creative designers, innovative storytellers and other bright stars who are ready to enable our space citizens to unearth their full potential.

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