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Space Nation’s mission is to steer humanity into the promise of the New Space Age by delivering mind altering and otherworldly astronaut adventures on Earth and off-world. We have reinvented astronaut training to share with everyone the life-changing mindset and world-changing vision of astronauts.

Being an astronaut is many things, but above all it is a MINDSET

Being prepared and calmly facing the unexpected.
Identifying, adapting and solving challenges.
Working as a team for the common dream.

Astronaut Gregory H. Johnson
Chief Space Officer at Space Nation

Your hidden perspective in plain sight

In space astronauts experience the deep realization and a shift in consciousness about how, in the vastness of the universe, how precious our planet and its life are. Looking down at the Earth from space, there are no borders.

This opportunity allows you to evolve your own consciousness right now, right here, on the Spaceship Earth.

We’re calling for pioneers, adventurers, dreamers

We have made a long-term commitment to do our part, starting with you.

Help us to figure out how to get humanity ready for space, for the new perspectives, prosperity and universal citizenship that it offers – for the planet, for life.

This is the promise of the New Space Age, the inspiring vision of astronauts that we all can share.

You’ve always had that itch, a dream that there is something bigger than all of us, something wonderful that could unite us all. You may have never known why, or how to describe it, but it’s there, and deep down you know that you have the potential to change everything, to evolve and create a lasting impact in the universe.

Are you ready to embark on this wonderful journey?

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Resilience, confidence, vision and a sense of shared goals are but a small inkling of the true astronaut perspective.

Space Nation offers authentic astronaut training and adventure experiences for individuals and organizations. We developed our programs in close partnership with AXIOM Space and NASA astronaut trainers.


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